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You have selected the Corporate 1 membership level.

Any organization with sales in document and identity security market segment over $10 Million. The membership fee is $4,500 per year—the initial fee includes a $200 application fee. Application fees are non-refundable and must be received prior to the application being processed. DSA membership is valid for 12 months from the time the membership is approved. 

The price for membership is $4,700.00 now and then $4,500.00 per Year.

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Business Information

The primary contact is the main the point of contact for DSA and typically the person to whom we send all invoices and with whom we confirm requests to add more member representatives. Typically, the primary contact is the one who initially applied for DSA membership. If you ARE the primary contact for your organization, please make the appropriate selection (e.g. "Corporate - Primary Contact"). If you are NOT the primary contact for your organization, please select the appropriate "Representative" type that best represents your organization (e.g. "Corporate Representative").

Please provide the organization address as follows: Street name and number Additional address details (if needed) City, State/Province, Postal Code Country