The genesis of the DSA emanated from the problems that law enforcement was experiencing with identification documents. Unlike genuine US currency paper, the card stock, card printers and security-type laminates were readily available to counterfeiters. The quality of the counterfeit documents that law enforcement encounters continually changes as counterfeiters adapt their products in response to emerging security technologies. To remain ahead of this trend, government agencies decided to partner with representatives from industry and academia to develop solutions to these issues.

The first DSA meeting was held on December 19–20, 2001 at the United States Secret Service. Over 40 individuals, representing card and smart card manufacturers, biometric providers, system integrators, security laminate/document providers, encryption organizations, data processing companies, proximity card providers, card printer manufacturers and law enforcement agencies were in attendance to share their experiences and examples of fraudulent documents.

Since 2001, DSA has expanded significantly with increased participation from government, industry and academia. DSA now holds three day-long meetings a year where issues surrounding document counterfeiting, development of new counterfeit deterrent technologies, advances in electronics, increased in mobile identification and others issues are discussed and deliberated. At these meetings, DSA also determines what actions are necessary to increase the awareness of these issues – whether though new white papers, and/or technical papers, briefings of government leaders or participation in broader industry events.

DSA is an all-volunteer organization that operates under the guidance of an active and experienced Board of Directors. We greatly appreciate the guidance and support that our Board has provided under the leadership of our past Presidents:

  • Paul Luxion, Founding President (2002 – 2005)
  • David Snodgrass, President (2005 – 2007)
  • Kathleen Phillips, President (2007 – 2008)
  • Rick Outland, President (2009 – 2014)