eGlossary and Emerging Technologies Committee

The eGlossary and Emerging Technologies committee seeks emerging and evolving anti-counterfeiting technologies to be vetted for placement into the eGlossary. The eGlossary is a legacy listing and description, including photographs, of document security features applicable to both paper and plastic documents. This glossary provides technology definitions and descriptions and is a resource for government agencies and DSA members.

Dr. Arif Mamedov (Chair)
Neil Ivey

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee follows trends in counterfeiting and develops new methods for communicating and delivering the DSA message by leveraging our membership.

J. Ross Gornik (Chair)
Brian Bender
Neil Ivey
Jordin Kinser
Martina Lichtman
Christine Linardi

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee communicates with prospective members, develops programs and strategies to obtain new members and works to provide valued services for existing members.

Alex Kambanis (Chair)
David Bielawski
Frank Mannarino
Max Astor

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee communicates with other like-minded organizations. The committee spearheads efforts to develop mutually beneficial partnerships that enable DSA to reach a broader audience.

Tony Poole (Chair)
Alex Kambanis

Program Committee

The Program Committee follows trends in the market, identifies topics that are important to our mission, secures speakers for our meetings and guides the development of our meeting agendas.

Sarah Conron (Chair)
Michelle Wilson
Mary Olson

Social Media Committee

The Social Media Committee manages our presence on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) to communicate and promote our advocacy work and related document security developments with DSA membership and to other target audiences.

Neil Ivey (Chair)