The following Document Security Alliance Membership Terms & Conditions were approved by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors in November 2003 and updated in 2015. Terms and conditions are included as part of the DSA Bylaws.

The DSA Membership Committee and Board of Directors resolve that…

  1. The Document Security Alliance (DSA) venue is not a place for members or guests to promote their company’s products or technologies – our objective is one that flows from a consortium of experts whose aim is the fulfillment of the DSA mission, which can be found on the second page of the membership application form.
  2. Prior to approval for membership, applicants must meet certain minimum qualifications;
    1. Applicant must be an individual, business, government agency, association or academic institution with expertise as it relates to the DSA mission;
    2. The applicant must specify two [2] existing DSA members in good standing as sponsors;
    3. One [1] of the sponsors must provide the DSA Membership Chair with a referral letter stating why the applicant should be considered for membership;
    4. The applicant’s background and credentials must be vetted by the membership committee.
  3. Prospective applicants must fully complete the DSA application;
    1. Each individual listed on the application will be evaluated and approved for membership independent of the company and other persons listed;
    2. Once the DSA membership committee receives the completed application an acknowledgement receipt will be e-mailed;
    3. Application consideration will be completed within three [3] weeks with the determination period starting at the time the application receipt / acknowledgement is transmitted.
  4. It is the intent that the three [3] persons listed on the application will be the main corporate, agency or academic DSA representatives for a period of not less then one [1] year;
  5. Organizations may designate additional members to participate in DSA by sending a request to
    1. The number of individuals from the same company that may attend a DSA meeting will be determined by meeting space.
    2. If a DSA Member needs to replace a member, a revised application must be submitted and the new person must go through the standard membership review and approval process.
  6. Once accepted, membership officially begins when the annual dues are received by the Treasurer. Dues must be paid before the registration deadline of the next DSA meeting or within two [2] weeks following membership acceptance, whichever occurs first.
  7. The membership committee will pass along membership issues and/or concerns to the DSA Board, as it deems necessary.
  8. A holding company or large corporation may have a maximum of two [2] independent memberships, allowing a maximum of four [4] participants at a meeting.
  9. The DSA reserves the right to review membership eligibility of any business, government agency or association; or any individual listed on said application at any time; and make adjustments to the persons’ eligibility to be a member as it deems necessary.
  10. Other DSA Membership – Associate Members. Must complete an application and meet the minimum qualifications as outlined above. Associate Members do not have voting privileges.
    1. Associate Memberships will be made available to those qualified entities (such as associations without professional staffs) that wish to be involved in the work of the DSA, dues will be determined by the Board.
  11. Guests [prospective applicants] are allowed to come to a total of one [1] meeting and then must make a decision about joining and declare intent;
    1. A DSA member in good standing must sponsor a Guest to attend the meeting;
    2. Guests must be approved to attend prior to the registration deadline for said meeting.
  12. A membership will be considered terminated if dues are unpaid 90 days past the due date unless special hardship consideration is granted by and at the sole discretion of the Board. Any Board or committee position held by individuals representing the terminated company in the DSA will be considered immediately vacant at termination notification. Membership reinstatement will require the same application and approval process as any new member.
  13. New member companies will be allowed full member benefits, including but not restricted to the proper use of the DSA logo and membership references, only upon full payment of the initial dues invoice. Any and all terminated members lose all membership benefits, including those mentioned herein, at termination notification.
  14. Membership Terms & Conditions are incorporated into the DSA bylaws.