Combination of opacity and transparency on the same surface. The originally fully metallized image is selectively de-metallized to reveal specific texts or other sub-structures. The typical tolerances achieved during de-metallization are <0.5mm.


A DOVID that contains two or more interrelated visual aspects, such as de-metalized and transparent. A combined de-metallized and transparent DOVID revealing continuous authentication effects. The combination of both metallized and high-refractive index coatings in one device is more complex and more difficult to counterfeit.


An opaque DOVID which exhibits a fully metallized (aluminum) diffractive image with optically variable effects. Utilized on both paper substrates and polycarbonate.

Precision Metallized

A precision metallized DOVID is comprised of fine-line diffractive images which are in precise register to the metallization. In contrast to conventional de-metallization, the tolerances approach zero. Designs include Guilloche patterns with clearly-defined moving patterns and fully transparent intermediate areas (i.e. with no diffractive structures) revealing the underlying document security print. The registration between the…


Transparent feature through which the document image may be seen clearly, but at other view angles the high-refractive index material reveals an embossed diffractive variable image. Can be in patch form or laminate covering the entire surface of the substrate.